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July 16, 2013
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Don't Starve OC: Whitney by JackXAngelicaforever Don't Starve OC: Whitney by JackXAngelicaforever
Yes, you all see it, my Don't Starve character Whitney. :D And also kinda the OC of my brother since he helped me a load with her look and powers. :D I am not very happy with the icon, but I am happy with her ref/drawing. :D I can't upload the Don't Starve sketches since I am in a Park and there's no scanner here, but that doesn't matter. :XD: Also, Whitney is Wilson and Willow's daughter~! :D Yeah, I don't see Willow as a kid, like many other people also don't, since adults can sleep as well with teddybears and have pyromania. -.- But I see them both as a young adult, Wilson around the 25 and Willow around the 20-21. ;) I dunno what the Don't Starve text type is and how to draw Don't Starve art at the labtop since I can't use Paint Tool SAI, it doesn't accept our payments. -.-"

Name: Whitney Higgsburg
Age: Here 12
Moto: "No angry birds for me, cause birds are friends from me."
Gender: Female
Eyecolour: Same form as Willow but, black like Wilson's.
Haircolour: Raven-Black
Voice: Trumpet/harmonica

Sanity: 200
Health: 160
Hunger: 120

Powers: Already since she was born she had a unique love for Tallbirds, even though her parents had to run each other tired to save her from them. She is a bird whisperer and just like Willow is facinated by fire, she is facinated by Tallbirds. ;) She has a baby Tallbird named Windy who can never grow up. And the other Tallbirds accept her around as long as she doesn't hit them. ;) She can talk to them as well, and befriend them, that's why somethimes the Tallbirds allow Willow and Wilson to get close to them (only as Whitney is around). When her sanity is low the hallucinations don't attack her, maybe because she's to cute and if her sanity is under the 5 % she goes mad and attacks everything on her pad, shouts for the Tallbirds and together with them she attacks everyone (somethimes even accidently her parents). She is a huge daddy's girl and her father protects her with all his will. She maybe looks cute, but she can be a really good, smart and mean fighter. :XD:

Family: Willow (Mother, kinda the father since Wilson was the one who bear her, because of a experiment which went wrong) and Wilson (Father, more the mother type).

Friends: Windy, Tallbirds and she also likes her parents friends, moostly Wendy and Abigail.

Base :iconritacastle:
Whitney Me and my brother.
Don't Starve Klei Entertainment
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Cuckooowlie Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, do you know how to get a OC into the Don't Starve game~? :"3

i love Whitney shes so adorable~!!Yuiko Kuruguya (Adorable) [V1] 
JackXAngelicaforever Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've done it in the past and yes I know how to, but it is VERY hard to explain, for me it took atleast 3 months to make her in the game. Because I kept getting all kinds of complications... D:
VenusRompecorazones Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Thanks for the base. ^^
Really cute, but that super ability of not being attacked by shadows is something too super, I guess, unless that made her attack the tallbirds and they counterattack her.

Good character dear. ;D
JackXAngelicaforever Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Base? :XD:
Thank you very much, I deleted that power though, it didn't make many sense to me and when I tried to program her in the game I was already unable to make her a real bird whisperer so let alone a night talker... :XD:
VenusRompecorazones Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014
Yeah, the link to the background to do it myself.

Oooooh... what a pity. xD
shizarah Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello!! Feel welcome to enter in my new group!…
Golden-Harpy Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
She's precious. I always liked Wilson and Willow together. And mentally thought of a fanchild for them, Wyatt.
JackXAngelicaforever Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds nice, I've always liked a little girl with the two, daddy's little girl, or daddy's little scientist. And mommy's little firestarter, moosyly because they both had hard lifes and would protect her, and Wilson was pregnant of her... xD
Golden-Harpy Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
Wilson became a male seahorse! XD
JackXAngelicaforever Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really, one of his Science Experiments failed. XD
What is a sea horse? O.O
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